Little Mafia Boy (BoyxBoy) #1

Little Mafia Boy (BoyxBoy) #1

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Mikhail is the son of a flower shop owner. He's hard working and sometimes a little too serious for his own good. He has a few good friends he socializes with, but that's about it. He helps his father run the flower shop after his mother died. They're both trying to keep the business open no matter what. Though, his father is a bit of a handful and a drunk so he often gets into debt with the wrong people. 

 Mikhail is one day met by Nico, the son of a powerful Mafia boss. Nico demands payment for his father's debt but Mikhail brushes him aside. For Nico, that was the first time someone wasn't afraid of him. This chance encounter leaves Nico breathless and in a need to see Mikhail again. The problem is that Mikhail doesn't want anything to do with Nico.

With a new group, 'Zechna', killing off Mafia members one by in the background, will Nico survive unscathed? Friendships will be tested, family will be damaged, and love will falter.  

Whether these two meeting will be a blessing or a curse is still unknown. They differ in personalities but, hey, opposites attract, right? 

((POV's switch and change))

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I was about to finish elementary school, when one of my classmates said that he will miss us and was on the verge of crying and I blurted out "Well, I won't miss any of you". I was called heartless and insensitive
Thank you. Someone put it in words. 
                              And frankly, if my parent died I don't think I'd cry either. 🤔
Killua1999 Killua1999 Jun 01
You used the same picture as me before I even knew this book existed!! Haha.
gayisbae gayisbae Sep 02
While everyone over hear is saying that's me or same I'm like on my birthdays you're gonna have to worship me😆
same i like in what's considered one of the bad parts of town but it's not like im ashamed really
Thats so me.......but the difference is that my family never celebrate my birthday...