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Runaway Bad Boy (Boyxboy)

Runaway Bad Boy (Boyxboy)

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✨Brendan Ash✨ By -RisingAsh- Updated Jan 21

Two boys; both on the run. One running from society. One running from reality. Their one shared enemy and antagonist; Life, fast on their trail. 

"Oh c'mon Cupcake, just say yes."

His breath dusted over my lips, sending shivers up my spine and chills throughout the entirety of my body. His muscled arms encircled my waist, pulling me closer to his chiseled body and as I defensively raised my hands to his chest in a feeble attempt at pushing him away, he entwined them with his own before placing them on either side of my head on the wall behind us. He smirked devilishly, pushing me further against the wall, and inserted a leg between my thighs, slowly lowering his head to my neck. His nose teasingly rubbed against the crook of my neck, causing my breath to run ragged. I bit my lower lip harshly to keep my moans of pleasure silent as he placed a single kiss between my ear and neck. 

"You know you want to." 

And the worst part was, just how much I really did want to. 
Disclaimer- Trigger Warning! Does contain slight Mental Instability! Also, the views of the characters aren't necessarily the views of the author! There is mild to severe language and humor!

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Asamura Asamura Mar 02
Um excuse me this is nice and all I mean I love the boyxboy action, but I think I at least need to know your name for you to be kissing my precious
Asamura Asamura Mar 02
Dude be grateful he's giving you a better place that the closet to sleep in
GadgeDempsy GadgeDempsy Mar 05
XD I'm not drunk, I'm just speaking in cursive!! Imma use that next time someone asks if I'm drunk!
calmpilots calmpilots Feb 02
i don't ship them because sometimes you need a best friend to stand by you rather than a boyfriend
xShips xShips Feb 25
You you you his face kind of looks like my best friend's brother's face
Wow, haven't even met but y'all already making out *claps*