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BOLT and the Curse Of The Black Chakra

BOLT and the Curse Of The Black Chakra

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S. Meydew By SMeydew_997 Updated Jan 24

Doubts, weakness, and thirst of creating new jutsu and technique had let Boruto seek for power and control of something inside him. When he met Kuroy Uchiha one day, he knew that his only chance on surpassing his father was to leave the village hidden in the leaf. Leaving his family, friends, and team, he chose to be a traitor to them and lay his loyalty to Lady Mitsune of the Secret Rock with a great price in order to be trained by the greatest Uchiha ninja. But what was it that made the Secret Rock so isolated? What was their secret that made it so important for them to keep everything hidden? Now that he has sworn his loyalty to them, he couldn't go back. Not even when Sarada came for him herself. But when the Secret Rock's threatens them and danger were unavoidable, Boruto would go so far to save Sarada, even risking his own life. 
  I do not own any of these characters. All thanks to Masashi Kishimoto who brought the amazing world of ninjas! Kuroy Uchiha and his brother are mine thought! Still, enjoy!

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