A Little Crush- Josh Dun x reader- UNDER EDITING

A Little Crush- Josh Dun x reader- UNDER EDITING

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A story of two stubborn people who don't like admitting their feelings. and because of that, things get in the way of they actually  want. and they don't know if what they want will happen.

I'm talking about YOU

and Josh Dun.

(started sometime between aug/sept 2016?)

I'm changing brother to sister since I do have a younger sister but she's my only sibling
Wait I'm the youngest one... 
                              *changes from younger brother to older brother and like in real life he has a son and a daughter and a wife*
                              Ok there we go! 😂
Since when is my brother nice to me? I can't touch him without him practically yelling about personal space
My sister gives me weird looks when I sing or hum to a song but not about my taste in music. We pretty much listen to the same bands
This is actually a representation of my life. Anytime my brother drives me and my friend around we blast twenty one pilots or panic! And he hates it