Best Friends, Aren't We? (Pt.2) (Suga X reader fanfic)

Best Friends, Aren't We? (Pt.2) (Suga X reader fanfic)

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"Will I wake up once again to a dream? Or will I fall asleep back into reality?"

Best friends and will forever be?

Book 2 to 'Best Friends, Aren't We?'

Started: September 1st, 2016
Ended: October 30th, 2016

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So, they were together for four years before they had their first kiss at their wedding? That's just sad...
Mtrainfan18 Mtrainfan18 Jun 23
My son's name must be invisible. CAUSE HE SURE IS INVISIBLE.
I FEEL LIKE WITH ALL THESE FLASHBACKS....IM GONNA CRY SOON......cuz usually flashbacks are sad idk thats just how my mind works
._. Boi if u left her ass....u better get at it again cuz i luv mah lil kookie and ONLY him -3- bietch.
straubsuga straubsuga Jul 27
Isn't dat a bit over dramatic doe?? Like he doesn't want a child deal with it. Lmao idk I'm really stupid so idk 😂
Oh. My. Gawd. I thought that he meant as a man, but it is her son... That scared me... 
                              The process of the baby making is the only think that I can think about now...