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Camp fuck up (larry au)

Camp fuck up (larry au)

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amberdun By crazyrabiebabies Completed

"Mum, Dad I'm gay." Those were the last words Harry Styles would ever say to his parents. Harry is 16 years old and just came out to his parents who were well not accepting of it. His parents were big homophobes but Harry was sick and tired of having to hide in his own home. He came out to his friends awhile ago and they all accepted it, but his parents weren't going to have a gay disappointment as a son. So they sent him to Camp Valentine, a "correction" camp were he would be spending the whole summer learning how to find Jesus and get help killing those gay thoughts.   Louis Tomlinson was living a good life if anyone asked him. He was happy if anyone asked how he was. But truth be told he wasn't okay. His life was not picture perfect as it seemed. Louis was well known, not popular, more like he was living in infamy because of who his parents were. His father was a local preacher who owned a popular correctional summer camp for boys and girls. Louis was being forced by his father to work as a counselor there, which he didn't mind. He was taught that he was helping these people so he was doing something good for them right?

Like my mom is Christian but like not hard core or whatever so she is accepting but it's kinda awkward when she said we need to have "the talk"and I just stood their like a complete idiot learning about vaginas....
Coolkid420666 Coolkid420666 Feb 29, 2016
I once had a bus driver named Jesus so I guess this kinda works for me
larrysreaderr larrysreaderr Apr 17, 2016
Oh nooo no smut please (im trul madly deeply foolishly completely kidding)
floralbitch floralbitch Feb 22
Its so weird bc in my house my mom cooks something and everyone just goes and gets food and eats in on the couch or in their room, we never eat together
How do you not hate gay people but not support gay marriage like wtf how?? Like does that even make sense. I support every sexuality, gender and ethnicity in this world because we are all equal.