DereDere Love? [Billdip]

DereDere Love? [Billdip]

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One Awkward Fuck By -The_Antagonist- Updated Nov 15, 2016

High school Gravity Falls Au

Tsundere! Dipper x Yandere! Bill 

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me!


After Bills girlfriend left  him, Bill felt nothing but sadness and betrayal. Everyone who knew his obsession with his former girl and boyfriends was scared to death of him. He can't help it, he's a demon for crying out loud!

A new student comes to school who seems to be as cold as ice, and as lonely as Bill....

  • bill
  • billdip
  • dipper
  • gravityfalls
  • tsundere
  • yandere
  • yaoi
Mintchiper Mintchiper Jun 17
Why is that how I imagine Dipper Gleeful? With the Levi expression? Also, YAY A LEVI ACKERMAN REFERENCE!
daeneira daeneira Feb 10
I know how to say it I'm an otaku what do you take me for!? A weeabo?
curtain? As in... a real curtain?  #CurtainPeople
                              Jk, I'm just kidding.
                              ENGLAND WHERE ARE YOUUUUU???
                              IM FREAKING OUT
Princess_of_ships Princess_of_ships Sep 25, 2016
Wikipedia...the one place that tells the (truth?) and shows fudged up images
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Oct 11, 2016
Every time I read a yaoi fanfic, there is always at least one mention, whether in the story or by comment. It just makes me feel that people need to tone down a little bit on the AOT.