Never Be The Same Again - (Editing)

Never Be The Same Again - (Editing)

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Tasha or D-Master ;) By lilly-rain Completed

Family is everything and I plan to keep mine alive.

In a world full of violence, it takes a certain type of person to survive. 

Pain, anguish, death, and fighting to be on top, this is the life Leila Withers is pulled into by Baden Johnson, who she met years ago. Can she push him away and ignore the old sparks trying to rekindle, or will he draw her into the dark side?

Leila has spent four years hiding from everyone she knew and creating a new life for herself, one where no one knows what happened to her years ago. Turns out that the city is not as big as she had hoped it was as her past comes crashing back into her life and she struggles to shut it back out.

It is now a kill or be killed world; can she survive it?

I am the only one whose alarms are going off? #strangeralert
That's way far from 17 😑😑 he shouldn't even be in her house
Woah I didn't know water was a bad thing to drink 😐 unless Baden did something to her water
maoriNZ maoriNZ Apr 30, 2016 03:24AM
Oh the drunken days when you meet ppl in the toilet and become instant friends, lol
DaphneCureton DaphneCureton Aug 04, 2016 10:36PM
Omg I love this one and the second one! You did an amazing job!
Man, she can see in the dark and stroboscopic lights doesn't affect her at all.