Your Happiness.

Your Happiness.

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"You say you love the rain, but you open your umbrella. You say you love the sun, but you find a shadow spot. You say you love the wind, but you close your window. This is why I'm afraid, you say that you love me too." - William Shakespear. 

When Sharley comes to know that her life is going to take a darkest path, do you think she will chose her happiness to be with her love? 
That's what they promised! 
A story of struggle between Love and Cancer? 
Will they chose each others happiness? 

COVER by @Shruti727 
Highest rank #96 in short story 11/14/2016 

DO NOT copy my work! 
If you do so I will haunt you down to the earth. Hahaha. Jk. But seriously I mean it! All COPYRIGHT reserved.

rosegoeld rosegoeld Sep 04
LOL. I did that. When I was at regular school. Now I'm homeschooled.
rosegoeld rosegoeld Oct 09
Lol, thanks for the dedication. I'm so happy right now. It's funny.
Wow! She is tall while I am here like such at 5' 3 since forever and am probably not going to grow up now.
rosegoeld rosegoeld Sep 04
LOL This is funny I would chop someone up and feed them to cows too. If  I had a knife. And If I hated someone
DarrenDean1 DarrenDean1 Oct 10
Cool intro Chapter :) I love the way Sharls personality is already out there and seriously anyone who is already"Sup'ing it" is my peoples. :)
Aye!  She sounds like me andy friends' crushes. I swear my friends like the shittiest people alive who have no manners.