Running Back To You ☆ Superflash ☆

Running Back To You ☆ Superflash ☆

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"I don't need your help, Flash." 

"Really? Cause you don't seem to be doing anything except eating donuts right now, Girl of Steel." 

when a new threat appears in National City, Barry Allen is sent with the CCPD to investigate. 

but why not be a superhero at the same time? 

in a world where Barry and Kara live on the same earth and have heard of each other's superhero alter-ego, but never met.

{ #999 in fanfiction }

[disclaimer//i do not own the flash or Supergirl, but i do own part of the plot.]

NylaLoves NylaLoves Jun 22
I can't stop watching it help me it's 3 am why do I always end up on this site when I have things to do the next morning 😂😂
I swear if this wasn't me...
                              (I saw that alot) Im saying that because my Nickname is Kay,and Im obsessed in Stuff too.. thats all I shall say.
I know their sisters but they don't have to spend all their time together
Drapple69 Drapple69 Apr 28
I can honestly see her doing this, like the image is perfect
nicoleeex_x nicoleeex_x May 25
All these comments r pure and happy but I just watched the season finales for both shows
long hh l!?
                              .   💝✌. 💝✌💝   💝
                                  💛💘💛💘💘 💘💘💛💘💛💚.  💘💘 💛. 💛 💛.    💛 ✌✌💝✌. 💛  ✋. 💝.       💝 💝  ✌. 💛💘💛💛💗