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Cinderella After Midnight

Cinderella After Midnight

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☆《 Melody 》☆ By pab0panda Updated Dec 28, 2016

Once upon a time, Cinderella tried the shoe on, it fitted perfectly. So she married the Prince and they lived happily ever after? Bullshit. The truth was...
  As soon as they entered the bedroom, the Prince slammed Cinderella against the wall roughly, leaning closer and whispered into her ear.
  "Didn't I say I'll catch you, Cinderella, or do you prefer Amelia?"
  Amelia shivered under the Prince's words. His voice sounded as cold as ice and at that second, she asked herself whether it wasn't a mistake to show up at the ball? Yet, what else could she do? There hadn't been another choice.
  Pushing the prince away from her with all her strength, she replied.
  "If you think you won, you're wrong. This is just the beginning."
  This story is anything but a classic Fairy Tale. Nothing is what it seems. What if there was more behind this bedtime story?
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Oh my gosh. So the Prince is gonna be evil? Or he just doesn't like Amelia?
iiscream_ iiscream_ Dec 03, 2016
Anyways I adore it a lot and am really interested in reading more. Thank you for writing this for us, it's has a really good storyline. ❤️
itotallyshipit itotallyshipit Nov 21, 2016
Put a space between the ending quotation marks and the name 'Kris'.
Imag1neForever Imag1neForever Nov 30, 2016
I agree with itotallyshipit on his last two comments. But, overally, nicely done.
itotallyshipit itotallyshipit Nov 21, 2016
""He seems fine, but I'm not sure. He's too calm; I'm worried about him." Liam sighed.
itotallyshipit itotallyshipit Nov 21, 2016
""Mother, I'll be in my room, preparing for the ball," Alexander said as he left the girls behind. A smirk appeared on Julia's face. She knew when she had won. She always won."