Complementary ( A Sherlock Fan-fiction )

Complementary ( A Sherlock Fan-fiction )

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ʀᴏʏᴀʟᴛᴇᴀ By rnythingale Updated Jan 16

Complementary |kɒmplɪˈmɛnt(ə)ri|
combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasise the qualities of each other or another

Eve Watson is the sister that no one acknowledged her existence for; they know about Harriet Watson, but never her. After going off the radar from her family and Harriet's drunken crisis, she couldn't imagine herself returning to her homeland for one more time - she did so, in the end.

Meeting the ever-so-famous 'consulting detective' (of the prominent address 221B), Sherlock Holmes, their journey as a duo takes a rocky turn when her past resumes chasing after her like a pack of wolves, ready to devour her to the bones - unless their complementing intelligence, and their opposite attitudes, can solve the cases before time takes something beloved of Evelyn.
Used to be called 'A Nightingale's Tale'
 All Sherlock characters belong to BBC, the writers and the producers. 
 Please don't sue me, I'm broke.
 The extracted transcript is by the lovely Livejournal user, Ariane DeVere.

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Kejana95 Kejana95 Oct 10, 2017
I really wanted to start reading 📖 your story, but I can wait until you feel better.  Get well and God bless
devil-wears-westwood devil-wears-westwood Oct 04, 2017
Focus on your health, hope your okay! Love the book and definitely won't delete it