Game Of Thrones - Imagines/Oneshot [Request open]

Game Of Thrones - Imagines/Oneshot [Request open]

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Min Mi By shakes0peare Updated Sep 09, 2017

Request away your fairy tale with your favorite Game Of Thrones character.

Is he/she dead? No troubles because just like Melisandre resurrected Jon, I can resurrect your fave in just a few words surrounded with pretty adjectives and verbs that will make your feels go overboard. 

Trouble coming up with a story? Don't fret, I'll come up with one for you.
Just pop down in comments and leave a music to my ears : imagines.

-the picture on the cover was found online and all the rights go to the author

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dovahkiiiin dovahkiiiin Apr 08, 2017
Please can you do Jon x reader? Where the reader is a captive and abused by Ramsay but Jon saves them?? That would be great thanks :)
Siviria Siviria Mar 14, 2017
Can I request Reek!Theon Greyjoy x Bolton or Targaryen or Stark famale OC name be Vaenys? Where Vaenys save Theon or something? And she have a dragon/direwolf/hound?
Just_Me534 Just_Me534 Aug 30, 2016
Could I get an imagine with Bronn.  The reader could be a famous healer in the realm and after he went with Jaime to help rescue his niece he get injured and Jaime ask for your help. The rest could be up to you and the same with the ending.
The-Girl-Before The-Girl-Before Aug 30, 2016
I'm sorry I know it's not on your list (I don't think) but would you write for Tommen Baratheon?
avaklusmos avaklusmos Jan 25, 2017
Please do Robb Stark with the song Three Empty Words by Shawn Mendes? And can the oc name be Amelia? thanks!
jonfckingsnow jonfckingsnow Aug 27, 2016
could I get a Daario Naharis imagine where he's in love with the Dani during a battle I save him but die during the saving, later he realizes his true feelings ? name : freja