My Best Friends Baby

My Best Friends Baby

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Autumn Grace Smithton is in love with her best friend Ace Tyrell Hunter, she has been since she was 9. She hasn't told him for many many reasons. She's what you would call a nerd. She prefers reading books and doing homework then going to parties every weekend to which she thinks is a waste of space. 

Ace Tyrell Hunter is dating the star queen B aka most popular girl in school, but there's a twist he doesn't actually like Katie, he's only dating her so she stops tormenting Autumn. He's also in love with his best friend but won't tell her because he's scared he'll loose her and things will become awkward. He's also what you call the popular kid in school, goes to parties, captain of the soccer team. 

So what happens when their parents have to go on a business trip for 2 months? One night things lead one to another. Will this ruin their friendship? Bring them closer? 

Find out in My Best Friends Baby ❤️ 

Check out the sequel called 'Losing & Expecting'! Chapter 1 is now out :) 

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lucayadorkable lucayadorkable May 31, 2017
it's weird... all of this mentioned in the paragraph actually happened to me
Imalover1234 Imalover1234 Oct 27, 2017
I know you told me not to comment so I'm commenting to annoy you 😜
MagicPencil0211 MagicPencil0211 Sep 10, 2017
I don't think I would ever want to date while in high school. It just seems really akward especially since not everyone dates in my school so all eyes would be on  you if your in a relationship
veeerooon veeerooon Mar 09, 2017
I never had a boyfriend because I dont want to and thats not weird bro
Bitch you right I am wonder "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU"
blackbird2018 blackbird2018 Sep 17, 2016
I'm 17 and never had a boyfriend so it's ok. But sometimes it gets hard seeing all of these couple's in school.