Undertale zodiacs

Undertale zodiacs

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Hello! And welcome to
U N D E R  T A L E  Z O D I A C S.

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-_- i love undertale and i was like YAY but oh well as you an tell i am sagittarious btw if not then now you know
PolarPopsicle PolarPopsicle Oct 03, 2017
                              I FOUND THIS AND CHECKED THE LAST UPDATE DATE
                              AND IT WAS ON MY BIRTHDAY!!(21/9/17)
                              😁finally a teenager
undertalecrazygirl undertalecrazygirl Oct 19, 2017
I'm so confused how to move at every video game except mine craft story mode. Once my bro tried to teach me how to play Fifa and I failed miserably
AliAwesome9 AliAwesome9 Jul 02, 2017
Hello and I'm cancer I hate every character besides chara,frisk,and flowey
I forget what its called but there is actually a phobia of flowers.
I started crying and quit the game because I didn't want to fight and I didn't know how to switch to MERCY