Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

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Gemma By FabulousFrahmy Updated Nov 23

Send in you truths or dares for the ever so famous MLB characters and...

ME!!!!!! You say it we do it (that sounds so wrong...)

Rephrase: You send in truths or dares, I'll decide whether they are good, we answer or do the truths or dares (better?) Anyway, enjoy this book and if you send in something, you'll get a tag in one of my chapters.

Yaaaaaay!!!!! OK, see ya peeps!

when u said that I instantly thought of ash Ketchum form pokemon
I have a truth for Lila! (If she's there) Anyway, if you had to date someone in that class; and it couldn't be Adrien, who would it be?
1. Sammy
                              2. February 22
                              3. Grilled cheese
                              4. Broccoli
                              5. Crazy, fangirl, nice (but threatens anyone who offends something precious)
                              6. None
                              7. You can make up a pic if u want but my features r: short dirty blonde hair, glasses
                              8. Purple
                              9. Adriennette/ Ladriene
                              10. I love HTTYD/MLB/Ninjago
gaby518 gaby518 Nov 20
I fangirled a bit too hard and the people around me probably  think im mental