Lie! Nagisa X Reader

Lie! Nagisa X Reader

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Mysarah Anavela By SweetTooth-Cupid Completed

You were the 3-A class student. Plus, the cutest girl in the campus. One day, with a slight of curiousity, you went to check the 3-E class. They was having their P.E (assasination practice) at the time, you seem very immersed with a boy.. A bluenette boy whom had a very piercing pair of eyes when practicing.
But, you were caught up by a red headed boy.. "What's this cutie doing here?" 

*time skips*

"Sorry miss (Y/N).. Since you discovered the 3-E activities, You'll be sent to 3-E." Said the Principle.

*continued* :3 (read the story) 

FINISHED 😲; 15 July 2017

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