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The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader)

The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader)

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Holding G hostage in the basement cellar........ By Mugelbbub28 Updated Apr 01

(Sans x Reader 
Slow burn.
Cover drawn by me :D)

They made it to the surface.


But how long will it last?
Frisk made a promise.... But how long will they keep it?
Sans is unsure, and anxious; depressed. 

A smile with sad eyes as usual. 

Then he meets  y o u.


Did you really think you would change anything? 

H i m ?

T   h   e   m   ?

Did you really think you were special? 

Just because you "cared" ?

Ha! Since  w h e n ? Just like that you suddenly 'can't afford not to care anymore'?

Just because you gave  l o v e  instead of gaining  L . O . V . E .

HA!    L i a r.

I know the truth Y/n..

But do you know it yourself?

And how about you   r  e  a  d  e  r  s   ?

Don't you just LOVE when you have a good idea then g
                              Forget about it
Sup3rart Sup3rart Sep 21, 2016
                              other people: uh that sans' like, cha.
                              Me:*turns slowly towards them* you listen here, blue was my favorite color before undertale came out. I am not stealing anyone's color. *points to exit* you are no longer welcome here.