Will You Love Me Again?

Will You Love Me Again?

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(Sequel to Beside You)
(You and Laurance were 5 here)

"Laurance, do you wonder why we have to go to school?" I ask the brown haired boy.

"No, it's a matter of your thinking skills F/N. Well obviously it's because we need learning but the other reasons, no. I actually don't know why." He explained 

"You dummie! Your supposed to know!" I ruffle his head.

"Hey, we're the same age so our thinking skills are the same." He nudged.

"Mmmkay... But how about the other reasons? Do they even exist?" I look at the stars that were shining above our heads.

"I think they do, now let's get inside before your mom thinks we got kidnapped!" Laurance giggled.

"Kidnapped? Why do I have to get kidnapped when I don't want to?" I ask.

"Now your the dummie, we don't have a choice, the only choice made is by the kidnapper! Now come on!!" Laurance dragged me inside.

I sat on the kitchen island.

"Mommy, why do we have to go to school?" I ask as Laurance was struggling to get on one of the seats.

"Because you need to learn new things at school." She simply said making some dinner for the both of us.

"Other than that why do we have to go to school?" I ask my mom again.

"Well, later when you grow older like mommy, you need to be responsible and school teaches you profile and attitudes that you will face later on in the world." My mom finally faced us and placed some food. "Now eat up children. Laurance's mom is going to be here soon." She said helping Laurance get on the seat.

Then we ate our dinner peacefully.

So, this book is going to be a little like Laurance X Gene X Reader. Well a love triangle. If you have any problems with it then deal with it because I think that Gene should be loved even though he's a jerk.

So meh, I'm sorry if I offended any of you from my Beside You book, I just wanted to share Gene the love.

SerafinElliaswati SerafinElliaswati Oct 22, 2016