Young Justice/ Bat Boys One Shots[HIATUS]

Young Justice/ Bat Boys One Shots[HIATUS]

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L.D. By LexyD0 Updated Apr 18, 2017

Thought since a lot of the Young Justice community on here are doing one shot/ x reader 's on here I'm like... "WTF why not! so send me request and here is who I'm open to do
Robin ( Dick, Tim, Jason, Damian )
Kid Flash
Red Arrow
Blue Beetle
Beast Boy

when you request give me a description on what you want it to be like 

Sadly I do not own Young Justice, characters, plots, or DC all rights go's to DC comics and Warner Bros.

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ImAllFandomTrashRn ImAllFandomTrashRn Mar 16, 2017
saturn__13 saturn__13 Aug 16, 2017
He's just like: "So, Y/N, I totally heard that this baddass, muscular, helllllllla hot superhero saved you last night.
ouatlover1892004 ouatlover1892004 Nov 30, 2017
To be honest if nightwing kissed me out of the blue I would punch him in the face
Backovich03 Backovich03 Nov 24, 2016
Something tells me that  Dick will be smirking through the whole story
purplewarrior2012 purplewarrior2012 Dec 29, 2016
I think he has a pretty good idea what happened (he got a bird's eye view hehe)
PercysSiblingLilith PercysSiblingLilith Oct 30, 2016
1. That makes sense why Nightwing kissed her, but why did she kiss back
                              2. Honey, he knows ALL about it