True Lies[Editing]

True Lies[Editing]

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KI IS BACK By Eternallove- Completed

[Previously known as "Damons Daughter"]
[Book one in the Damons daughter series]
[In the process of being edited]

You all know the story of Katherine, Damon, and Stefan. But what if Damon and Katherine had a daughter? 

Her name is Arabella Salvatore. She is sneaky and a bit evil at times. But has fallen in love. Twice.

The first time was with Klaus Michaelson. The big bad hybrid. Incapable of love. Well, that is what most people believe anyways. But Arabella knows the truth. 

But when Elijah turned Arabella, because she was dying Klaus and Arabella broke up. 

So Elijah and her after a while got together. And Arabella thought " He is my soulmate " But then something happens.......

Read to find out who Arabella ends up with. Klaus? Elijah? Neither?

Arabella hates Elena for playing with both of the Salvatore brothers. But when she realized that she is doing the same thing with the Michaelson's she makes a choice............
Read to find out what she decided....

NOTE: I do not own the vampire diaries characters. I only own Arabella, any other characters I create, and her story line. 

{ Undergoing editing }

This book is completed and has a sequel.

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ashley5967 ashley5967 Dec 07
Vampire diaries 😘😘😘😘 i just got through watching vampire diaries last month.the series finale was mind blowing
I haven’t read a Vampire Diaries fic before but the idea of Damon’s daughter has me shook! I like how she’s the responsible one in the family and how her relationship with Elena might evolve (if you take it a lot further) Great chapter so far! 😄
ashley5967 ashley5967 Dec 07
I was so mad when the show ended,so to actuaply read a book Thats based off the show is very cool👍👍👍👍👍 and this chapter is really good.keep up the awesomenes
stylobebe99 stylobebe99 Sep 14, 2016
omg yayyy i love elijah too but I wonder where is my baby klaus ;)
Eternallove- Eternallove- Sep 30, 2016
I forgot to in the first few chapters but they are later in the book. I am working on editing it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience and the confusion . I am working on it.
TaylorBrodie TaylorBrodie Oct 16, 2016
I love this perhaps you could check out my story Pie Of The Poison Fruit Tree under my name