Laugh away the pain

Laugh away the pain

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Thelastflame By Thelastflame Updated 6 days ago

Kylie pink, ever since she was little she was little she has been bullied, teased, abused and excluded from and by nearly everyone.
when her parents get into a fatal car accident she is put into foster care then sent to a academy. she never had to share a room since she was a only child but now she has to has to share one someone, she tries to stay quiet and Keep her head down.

 Until she stumbles across the badboy of the campus with him instantly getting interest in her when she wants to stay silent and not drag attention to herself but with him around that's a little difficult.

But when blood and bonds catch up to her she has to choose between innocent and jealous friendships or her guilty yet fair family

Then her life gets flipped even more when getting taken in by the government to become a assassin for them.

                              Like there are either perverts or judgy bishes that make meh feel WAY too uncomfortable