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| SasuNaru Pics |

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Sasuke's Wife By Luv4ever1121 Updated 2 days ago

Beware of smut and lemon pics. 
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(I know I know sooo original)

AlyCampos AlyCampos 3 days ago
O naruto teria que manter o sexjutsu por nove meses pra isso... kkkkk....
I'm gonna ignore how much I don't like mpreg to say
Sasuke only smiles when he is with Naruto and his family.... now that I think about it, Sasuke is an Uchiha and Naruto is an Uzumaki with a distant relation to the Senju. If they had a child together doesn't that mean they'll get the Rinnegan?
I'm not a fan of SasuNaru but I am reading this because YAOIIII
Im out here in the living room making crazy fangirl noises while, my mom is probably searching up priests on the internet to give me an exorcism.
BrownBaby234 BrownBaby234 3 days ago
He slowly undoes his tie then I slowly back up until I'm against the wall I think I'm trapped he put a hand on one side and slowly leans in 
                              I'm mad stupid