Randomness and Rants: The Second

Randomness and Rants: The Second

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Wolf Normandy By Wolf_Vos_Normandy Updated 4 days ago

The critics most certainly are not raving:

 "A lack of story and structure. Not to mention the woman's crazy."
-New York Times

 "What even is this? How is it getting a sequel?"
 -Good Reads

 You get the gist.

 But join I, the great Wolf_vos_Normandy as I rant, tell stories and share a spoof story of Dragon Age Origins, featuring Wattpaders called A Dragon Age Tale along with other assortments. Along with the most recent edition of an interactive Friend Fiction inspired by Fallout 4.

Read if you dare!

lionmouse lionmouse Sep 02
I can literally hear the Arlessa's voice in my head right now, yelling Teagan. By the Creators, how I did hate her...
lionmouse lionmouse Sep 02
Andraste is spelled correctly. But Ysolde is actually Isolde.