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Tears (Laurence x Reader)

Tears (Laurence x Reader)

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Willow By WillowTailBreeze Updated Oct 29, 2016

(Y/N) Ro'meave, twin sister to Vylad Ro'meave, youngest and only girl In the Ro'meave family.  
"Listen here, brat!" He snarled In my face, tears streamed down my face, I looked up at him, his baby blue eyes held anger. "I don't care If your mute! Your going to speak when told to!" He yelled at you, your eldest brother, Garroth and his other two roommates Travis and Dante had left for the day, leaving you with him... Your abusive boyfriend, Laurence, you live with Garroth but sleep In Laurence's room. Everybody thinks you two are normal... Everyone thinks nothing bad Is going on... They don't know the truth, he abuses you, hurts you... But he acts nice and loving when others are around...
(Y/N) Ro'meave Is known to be mute, for certain reasons she only trusts two people In her family, Zane, and her twin brother Vylad.
WARNING: Story contains Abuse, Swearing, Blood and other things that may not be suited for those younger. Read at your own risk.

All characters except (Y/N) belong to Aphmau! Or @Empress_Aphmau

Yeah no my screams are so fuckin loud Garroth Zane vlad date Travis hold all be there kicking Laurence's ass XD
The real me would fuckin tell Laurence he's dumped and punch him in the face. Then I'd run to Zane's house. He has a cat tree.
WillowTailBreeze WillowTailBreeze Sep 21, 2016
@patternpeople XD, I decided to do a different kind of story :3
Fanfic16 Fanfic16 Oct 29, 2016
How do you love someone that's the song I think fits but idk...
itztopaz itztopaz Dec 15, 2016
For the love of a daughter 
                              Is a good song for this aside from the father lart
sappiest_unicorn sappiest_unicorn Nov 30, 2016
When he said 'bìtch' I thought that a female dog is a bìtch. Not a female cat.