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Gone. By Writer20161 Updated Sep 17, 2016

He was heartless and cold to the world, to everyone. She hadn't imagined it, she knew what he was and how he was. She had her experience with Alphas, they were all the same in her eyes. Including her father. 

And yet....

there's a twist to this werewolf tale. 

She is just as heartless and cold. They say opposites attract, but what if your mate isn't your opposite? What if your mate is the same? Will they collide with nothing but chaos in their wake? Or will they have a happy ending like most stories do?

  • alpha
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  • hate
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personattheback personattheback Dec 29, 2017
*sucks in a breath and grabs the tissues and ice cream* OK, I’m ready
yours_truly_gray_ yours_truly_gray_ Jul 16, 2017
*claps hand and rubs them together* SOUNDS LIKE MY KIND OF BOOK!
ecmunrx ecmunrx Sep 10, 2016
This was so serious and then the next page with the profile pic just made me laugh 😂
rhon671 rhon671 Sep 22, 2016
And I'm ready to go on this emotional roller coaster!!! 😉😜😬
Ms0NotSoArticulate Ms0NotSoArticulate Oct 17, 2016
I just finished reading the alphas little rogue which I love and I cried for like an hour if you read you will find out who my favorite character is
alanna86 alanna86 Sep 11, 2016
Please do because there is nothing better than a little nitty gritty hahaha