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Blood War Slave

Blood War Slave

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Angelfox By Angelfox Updated Aug 23, 2011

In a situation where everyone looses hope and has to find a totally new way of life - or survival - a young woman and her friends go a lot further. Trying to shape their own lives but the fate of all human slaves as well. 2 Alien races fight a cruel war. One of them  takes uncountable humans as slaves. The working power is needed, but was this the only cause for choosing humans as slaves? Together or at times seperated the friends have to fight against different enemies in violent or verbal ways. Political backgrounds, social seperation and to overcome cultural shock are important factors to find a new future for mankind deep in space. What will happen when humans interfere in the centuries old war between the Salurians and the slaves masters? Who are the bad ones - or the worse? What causes did affect the decision to take humans when so many other species are available? What do the aliens want from humans? Will one rationale young woman be able to have an impact on a or even more societies? Is peace possible? Why do the aliens fight and how are they connected to each other and to humanity?
Lots of action and a catching storyline are main plus points of this novel. A little romance will be included, more action, and some vampirism (not vampires!).
Please read!!

Angelfox Angelfox Jun 05, 2011
@MimiLouise Hello! I am sorry, but I did not comment on your story. You must be mistaken. And besides...only because someone says your story is not his/her taste does not mean u cannot like their stories or recommendations.I hope u liked mine none the less. Have fun on wattpad!
twelve29 twelve29 Apr 28, 2011
@Angelfox Oh, I must have mistype then. Sorry about that. Yep, I was supposed to say that I'm not much of a fan of Science Fictions. =)))
Siannalie Siannalie Apr 27, 2011
I really liked this! Its not what I usually read, but I was able to really get into it! Great Job!
CraziiZaii CraziiZaii Apr 27, 2011
This was awesome!! ;p The scene reminds me of one in I am Number 4, if u've read the buk. It was relli kewl, a different concept which i relli lykd ;p xoxo
Angelfox Angelfox Apr 27, 2011
@xclairexx Non fiction? you mean science fiction right? But anyway thanks for passing by. Have fun!
twelve29 twelve29 Apr 27, 2011
Your story is great, but I'm just not head over heels in your story. I think it's because, I'm not really a fan of Non-fictions. Don't take my review the wrong way, keep writing! :)