The Bad boy Taught Me To Smoke

The Bad boy Taught Me To Smoke

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👑💫 By bebadassy Updated Dec 27, 2017

"You wrap your lips around it like this," he said, using his rough callused fingers to grab the rolled drug and used his other thumb to pull my jaw down gently. 

He smirked before putting the drug in between my lips, then he reached into his pocked and flicked a black and gold lighter out of his pocket. 

My nerves grew and I could hear my heart beating faster and faster as I realized what was happening.

Before I could stop him he had stroke the lighter causing flames to erupt, he held it under the tip of the drug until it was surely lit. 

"Now inhale," he whispered in my ear; still holding the drug in my lips. 

I did as told and inhaled, I felt the drug fill me up, taking me somewhere new. The drug was removed from my lips all to soon, but replaced with Parker's lips.

I could feel the smoke being removed from me, but ignored it as I pulled Parker closer, wanting more of him. 

I wasn't sure if it was the drugs or the drinks I had earlier but, I wanted nothing more than to feel him closer. 

Way to soon, he pulled back and I watched breathlessly as he puffed the smoke out through his nose. The smoke, which was once in me. 

"You're so innocent Lexi." I could have melted at those words, the way he gave me a nickname for my name- Lexis. 


Everyone can agree that bad boy romances are the best, right? Here's nothing more but a bad boy romance.

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lowkey_os lowkey_os Feb 23
yeah am so sure never been more sure of anything In my life 
                              oh wait am drunk
likeafriginboss likeafriginboss Apr 18, 2017
lmfao shes not shocked at all its like this was another day for her