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K.W Nichelle By eigengraulight Updated Jul 04, 2017

IN THE CITY, Allyson is in desperate search of her daughter who went missing one Halloween night. Long nights, solo searches, and no help from authorities. Her friends have abandoned her in her search and the time is winding down, along with her hope. She's dedicated herself to save her daughter's life, but is she losing sight of hers in the process? 

IN THE WOODS, Talia is crying for help. She doesn't know where she is or where she's been since she lost her mom that one eerie Halloween night. She doesn't know who she's with, but what she does know is he is completely smitten with her. She's been here for seven years and on her fifteenth birthday he's planning something big. 

It's a race against time to find Talia and disarm the mastermind behind her abuduction.

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  • miranda
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  • mystery-thriller
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justcallmefoxxy justcallmefoxxy Sep 29, 2016
Completely unrelated to the chapter, but I clicked on this book because the girl of the cover looks exactly like my sister, whose name is Miranda, so it freaked me out but then I read it and now I love it  😂
motherfreedom motherfreedom Dec 13, 2016
I have had this book in my library for weeks, haha. I kept telling myself I was going to read it. And when I finally got down to it, I am no less than happy. (: amazing!
ashleylavielle2017 ashleylavielle2017 Nov 14, 2016
I'm captivated! I don't want to put my phone away. That was amazing! Never been so captured by a book in the first chapter
Crystalchrysalis19 Crystalchrysalis19 Oct 27, 2016
What the heck? I really wonder if these kind of men exist....
ramatulai1 ramatulai1 Sep 16, 2016
Great chapter! I love the way you write, and the way the emotions of Talia transgresses into my very own feelings about the situation. Clearly he is a serial abducter and probably a murderer as well. Hoping to read more!
juan3del10 juan3del10 Nov 17, 2016
This is amazing I was looking something interesting for my imagination and my book and I came across Miranda....Desde Colomabia me gusta...