My babydaddy2 ( August Alsina & Summerella)

My babydaddy2 ( August Alsina & Summerella)

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~ Aubriella ~
I woke up to face Carter sitting on me with his bear.

"Hi mommy!"

"Good morning Carter"

"Mommy up we gotta go catch the new Jordan's"

I laughed.


Over 3 years , I turned Carter into a sneaker head. He in online preschool so he speaks very well. 

"Mommy look daddy's on the TV"

Yes he know August is his father & that he's famous.

"Yes he is ,now come eat"

I handed him a bowl of cereal & went upstairs.

I put out his clothes & went to go get dressed.

"Mommy when do I ever get to see daddy"

"I don't know Carter"

"Otay I go get dressed now"

He ran Into his room.

I left my hair down & walked into Carters room.

"Mommy we matching!"

"Yes we are"

I picked him up & locked the door.

I put him in his Car seat & gave him my phone.

"Mom look its summerella & her son Carter!!"

Then everyone noticed me.

"Mommy I scared"

Carter said tugging on my pants.

I got to his level.

"Its ok Baby"

"Rick please tell them to go"

I said.

"Please leave miss summerella ...

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