Young McHanzo: The Man Behind the Mask

Young McHanzo: The Man Behind the Mask

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Flecha By swthebrave Updated Nov 03, 2016

A short 3-5 part story about Young McCree going on a trip to Japan on behalf of Deadlock. It's his first deal on his own and it just so happens, the Shimada-Gumi is the most dangerous client Deadlock has ever seen. In other words, Jesse McCree is sent there with no chance of getting home. 

(This is a McHanzo fic so if you dislike the ship, turn away now!)

Also, for the sake of not offending anyone, I'm going to write this under the assumption that McCree is 18 and Hanzo is 19. I understand that by the time McCree is 18 he's already been picked up by Overwatch but I don't want anyone getting upset about me writing a story with smut in it about an under aged  boy

B - mom please
                              A -  help me these 
                              M-  kids are 
                              F - doing drugs
PasteiGalaxy PasteiGalaxy 3 days ago
Bad Asš Mother Fûcker 
                              Also, the belt on his new summer skin says SAMF - maybe Sassy Asś Mother Fûcker xD
okmiso okmiso Jun 21
bitch fronting so bad with that little wince thinking he's fooling hoes hanzo please
audreyr_20 audreyr_20 Jun 06
I've never related more in my entire life. I'm using that next time
Ayiraholt Ayiraholt Jul 21
That accent is handsome! If a dude came up to me with that accent I be asking him out already
This story almost makes me forget that Genji would be 16 by now