Mithzan X Reader: Love and Hate

Mithzan X Reader: Love and Hate

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Scallu By Scallu Updated Jan 06

Sequel to Mithzan X Reader: Love at First Fight.

PLEASE Do not read this story without reading the first, thank you.

After breaking up with Max, Y/n falls into depression as she realises the mistake she made.

However Max has moved on into a 'happy' relationship. Right?

Warning: This book contains mentions of depression, self harm and suicide. There are also swear words and stuff.

Now the description is over, you may read!

MithRossFangirler MithRossFangirler Aug 27, 2016
Oh nooo real life is being incorporated into the fanfic, Cheese and Galileo...
DabigSp00n DabigSp00n Aug 27, 2016
Also funny bc my cousins name on yt is cheesy ghast but she like seven so we're gonna out the thought away
Empress_Laila Empress_Laila Aug 26, 2016
shroomyshroom99 shroomyshroom99 Aug 26, 2016
                              Also, I dont know, but I think cheeses name is Krista...????
PhanFan69 PhanFan69 Sep 25, 2016
Now I'm gonna start hating Cheese. Great, just great (sarcasm)
Geeky_Craft Geeky_Craft Aug 26, 2016
I love it so far it is sad but that makes it so you want to read it more and see what happens also WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN WHEN MAX MEETS THE CHILD? AND OTHER QUESTTIONS...... This book is gonna be a roller coster of emotions...Yay!♡