Warriors Roleplay: Wounds of War

Warriors Roleplay: Wounds of War

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The Century Team By WarriorsOfTheCentury Updated Apr 17, 2017

World War II destroyed the Earth, and the aftermaths affected all forms of life, including the Clans.

With the War drawing to an end, the Clans are suffering. Their homes have been destroyed, and there is no longer enough food. They will die if they cannot find refuge. 

Yet refuge is a long way and so is peace. Two Clans are on the brink of war, and the other Clans are forced to choose allegiances. With new ties being forged, the Clans unite in an era of destruction. 

They are suffering from the wounds of war, and will continue to if they don't stop their own plummet to the end.

Run by: Morning

Cover by: @-Skyfrost-

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0Midnight-Shadow0 0Midnight-Shadow0 Mar 09, 2017
(I'm commenting to remember because... yeah) Adder is the password.
nagiseku nagiseku Sep 18, 2016
This is like WoF.
                              Morning....did you do an unnecessary reference?
- - Sep 18, 2016
I feel like I'm the cat that says Then you die. It's simple.
Fox_Star Fox_Star Sep 18, 2016
This sounds amazing so far.... I swear all the good stuff comes from this account xD
LLamaCrAzE LLamaCrAzE Nov 24, 2016
Sometimes I lose my phone for three weeks THAT HAS TO BE AN EXCEPTION
WoodSpyder WoodSpyder Sep 18, 2016
I love it, it sounds really professional and like a movie. Good job.