Trouble In Paradise - Stelena

Trouble In Paradise - Stelena

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[you have to read book 1: my girlfriends best friend, first!!] 

Someone important from Stefan's past comes to visit. Stefan hasn't seen him for months.

He's changed A LOT.

His one goal at the moment is to tear stefan and Elena apart. 

Will he succeed or realize he is troubled and wrong.

Completed in October ant changes from there on are just me editing or polishing.

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DP_Books DP_Books Jun 26
Oh nooooo Damon is here to ruin everything “every relationship has that one thing that just keeps getting in the way kinda like u Damon” -Silas
DP_Books DP_Books Jun 26
“We’re meant to be together I’ll be there and you’ll be near and that the deal my dear”