He's Psychotic

He's Psychotic

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Lala By Rooty2000 Completed

You're a good girl

He's psychotic

you chucked

He smirks

You give

He takes

He kills

You love

Warning violence

Sexual content 

Bad language

Read at your own risk

Seriously reminds me of how Harley Quinn was supposed to cure the Joker, but all he did was make her crazy.
It Was A Bit Hard To Follow At First, But Again This Is Your Style && I'll Just Have To Get Used To It. Overall, You Have Intrigued Me ❤️️
I like the way you portray the reader as the protagonist... A really good start :)
But with what I'm slitting the officer throat? If by nails then then it's not possible. .my nails aren't too sharp!!
As promised I'm going to give it a go...
                              Let's see if I'm going to love, hate ore just leave. Time will tell. 😆
Well if that's the case I'm straight 'cause I've got the nails for it mwahaha 😈