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Kora is desperate to escape from a life which seeks to keep her caged. An impending marriage looms, but can she go through with it? And just who is the enigmatic stranger in the forest? 

Haze is alone, an outcast, but undeniably attached to the wandering girl who loves to stray into his forest. But keeping her alive might mean leaving her forever, as he is being chased by the very thing which endangers her the most.

Faelan is angry. He wants his brother back, and he wants the one who can make everything right in his world. No one can stand in his way. Who will be left alive in the wake of his destruction? 


Looking back, I saw the pack's confusion quickly morph into anger. The big wolf howled, loud enough to hurt my ears, and began to tear after us. The pack were close on his heels. I whipped my head forwards.

"Go faster!"

Haze grimly pushed Arzu to his limit. The horse's great chestnut flanks heaved beneath me and his regular snorts were heavily laboured. Yet he didn't slow. I was out of breath too, clinging onto Haze and just about staying on.

"Can we outrun them?" I shouted in Haze's ear, hoping he'd hear me past the tearing wind.
Haze didn't answer right away.


I felt rather than heard his answer.

I hugged him tighter as my heart beat out of control, imagining the snapping of teeth, the violent eyes; the full hunting force of a pack of maniacal wolves just inches from tearing into us.

"What's the plan?"

He laughed, a short bark without humour, twisting around to peek at me. 

"How well can you swim?"

I pondered his words for a second but it was a second too long.

Up ahead I could see the bridge above the rushing Bowen river fast approaching.

"Haze no!" 

The words screamed out, barely words at all, and I pulled at him, trying to make him turn the horse away.

Arzu locked on and I felt the one, two, three strides of determination, the bunching of his hind muscles. 

And then we were falling.

southdakota486 southdakota486 Aug 30, 2016
Omg I've never read a werewolf story this good... I love that the character is strong and troubled but doesn't hate or pity herself. It looks like a strong story so far and I can't wait to keep reading!!
abbie2002aw abbie2002aw Aug 27, 2016
I really love this book already even if I have only read the first chapter!!!