Shinigami Dream (Ichigo x Reader)

Shinigami Dream (Ichigo x Reader)

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Kaitlyn Wright By Katie_right1738 Updated 6 days ago

{ I don't own you, Bleach, pictures, or ichigo I just own the plot that's it }

You are a badass girl who works as a lawyer who just finished high school. You are rich and have many friends and enemies. Your life is the same everyday doing the same thing. It gets boring and you are getting sick of it, until night time...

when you fall asleep at night it's like your in a completely different world called Karakura town where things are so much more interesting and fun

Also in this dream world you have many friends and enemies but one certain orange haired Shinigami named ichigo stands out from the the rest and starts the effect the real world.

You wish this dream world was reality but soon your wish comes true with a price.

You get stuck in your dream world only its no longer a dream it is reality. When your now reality world used to be your dream you know what will happen next. But what happens if you tell ichigo? And can you afford to change because of him?

*sigh* I'm getting ahead of myself..... Ooooh well it happens to me everyday XX
bbub14 bbub14 Sep 08
Seem really good so far I hope you updated when you have the chance
bbub14 bbub14 Sep 08
I would just go with Orange since the anime made it orange and the original art made it orange