Amour Academy

Amour Academy

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*Cover made by CuteCreeper61*
Welcome to the Kalos National Academy, the most renowned high-school in all of Kalos and is home to only the brightest of students. To preserve their high standards, entry into the academy is only granted to those who score an 80 or above on a very difficult entrance exam.

But, these standards are broken when someone passes by accident.

Meet Ashton "Ash" Ketchum, a 14 year old boy of average intelligence, takes the KNA entrance exam on a dare made by his best friend Gary. Knowing that he had no hope of passing, he guessed on all of the answers. He and his friends were eager to see how he did, but the results were shocking.

He actually passed, making an 81!

Ash decides to seize the opportunity, and enrolled in the academy. 

There he meets a girl and immediately falls for her. Little does Ash know, this girl is no ordinary girl. She is the Princess of the Kalos Region, Serena Yvonne!

What lies in store for Ash as he starts his high-school career?

and now ashton irwin is going to pop in my head every time instead of ash Ketchum
I seem to get 65s on the ones I guess on hmmmmm 🤔🤔 ash is up to some foolery
i still didnt read a word but ash is ashton??!?!(!(!(!+!!?!;!? i never thought of that?!?!(!(+!?!+???????????
That's LITERALLY what I thought right before reading that line!
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😂😂😂Wow, looks like Ash was actually smart for once!😂😂😂I think it's more like he got help from Victini!!!😂😂😂