Filthy Death Eaters || Draco X Reader (Finished)

Filthy Death Eaters || Draco X Reader (Finished)

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♡ Draco ♡ By dracoXreaders Completed

Fic awards 2017 winner: best fanfiction


You are a Slytherin girl who loves Hogwarts. You hate to spend your time at home because your parents are to busy to serve the Dark Lord to even care about you. You barley see them and when you do they ignore you. But suddenly they start to interfere in your life and start to make you something you don't want to become... A monster... A killer. But there is someone else struggling with the same faith as you are, a handsome boy called Draco Malfoy...

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Draco Malfoy The boy who was brave enough to hug Mr.NoNose ( He who must not be named )
LifeofFox LifeofFox Oct 09, 2017
iiLilac iiLilac Aug 11, 2017
That trailer was honestly amazing. From the description, I'm already starting to like this book. I also may or may not have shed at least one tear watching the trailer...
JeffTheKitKat JeffTheKitKat Jun 11, 2017
Why did I cry when I saw this trailer, it was just too beautiful😭
_-_StoryTeller_-_ _-_StoryTeller_-_ Oct 19, 2017
OMFG I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THIS THE TRAILER WAS BEAUTIUFL BTW! And that girl actually looks like me o.O
Dead_Not_Crazy Dead_Not_Crazy 3 days ago
I was looking  Through this like "Why do so many people have something to say about "Hi readers!" And then I just see "HELLO HI YES HELLO THERE"