It's Now or Never (Dramione)

It's Now or Never (Dramione)

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Boooooop By mikeyis_mykitten Updated Jan 21

The war is over and Hermione is made the head girl (like expected) as she already knew people call her a know-it-all but there is finally a question she can't answer when she is stuck with a certain blonde haired boy that Hermione find rather attractive.

Draco is now Head Boy one of the things he found most unexpected but there is one more unexpected thing about his final year in Hogwarts he has fallen head over heels in love with a  frizzy haired brunette that he seems to be paired up with for all his classes and he now has to share a common room with.

(Put in later) Hermione is not who she thinks she is when she is confronted by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Zabini and their son Blaise. (sorry for adding later)

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Dhaarshanah Dhaarshanah Feb 19
I am going to kill Ron how dare he treat Hermione like a house elf
                              Get lost Ron weasley
husna_11 husna_11 Jul 06, 2017
Blond not blonde . Blonde is for females . Blond for males. Soooo unless Dracos a single lady then........... It's blond for him
Dam_Snackbar_666 Dam_Snackbar_666 Dec 27, 2016
No not at all*note the satcasm* just my freaking OTP getting together! Or well at least friends
GraceInTheRain GraceInTheRain Sep 18, 2016
∂σєѕ ιт ѕтαу нιииу σя ѕωιт¢н тσ вℓιииу