Mating Season Only Comes Once

Mating Season Only Comes Once

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NaLuFoLyfe By NaLuFoLyfe Updated Oct 03

Lucy finds Natsu tied up in the guild hall, whining her name.

Levy finds Gajeel in the basement, sadness in his eyes.

Mira finds Laxus in the cellar, growling and gnashing his teeth at everyone but her.

What do the girls do with the guys they secretly fell in love with?

I don't even know what's going on anymore
                              Like, why was he even tied up in the first place?!?
palmyra26 palmyra26 Nov 26
Oh my Mavis, I just had the most disturbing thought ever.
                              "*sniff sniff* Beautiful parfum" 😨 Ichiya is so perverted
😃 well that's nice to know it was big so you didn't have to deal with the shame of a having a little dick baby dady 😃😃😶
_lexigirl_ _lexigirl_ 6 days ago
I would be totally creeped out if someone sniffed me like this 😂😂 but well it's Natsu so it's ok 😛
I wonder where Erza is,....*with Erza*
                              -nosebleed- nalu babies!!! FINALLY *takes picture*
                              -nose explodes-  *passes out*