Build me up Buttercup (a Sirius Black FanFiction)

Build me up Buttercup (a Sirius Black FanFiction)

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As a fifth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry all that should be on Aisling's mind is passing her O.W.L.s. But something is distracting her, or rather someone. A very handsome, very arrogant someone with long dark hair and piercing grey eyes who disappears once a month along with his three best friends. These friends all call him padfoot, she calls him a moron.
And as the years progress, despite her apparent lack of interest, a small voice in Aisling's head tells her that her friend Lily may not be the only one lying to herself about her feelings towards someone. 
This, coupled with the ever present threat of the dark wizard calling himself Voldemort rising to power, is enough to take push the even toughest witch to her breaking point.


Obviously I don't own the majority of characters, plot-lines, spells, locations etc...
All rights reserved in terms of OCs, Original plots and new places.

Finally, this is the first story that I've read that has an Irish person in it!! I'm Irish too! ( I know that there's probably a lot of stories on here that have Irish people in them, I just haven't read them.)