Love Is Love (BXB)

Love Is Love (BXB)

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"Would you stop that?" I asked feeling the irritation getting to me. Leo cocked his head and smile innocently like he had no idea what I was talking about.

"Stop what?" He asked moving closer. I took a step back and pointed to him.

"That!" I exclaimed. I didn't know if it was because of the hot spring air that was blowing through the window or if it's just me but it was getting really hot in here.

"If you don't tell me what it is then I can't stop it" He said stepping even closer. I froze when I felt my back hit the wall.


"Stop doing those strange things to me..." I said watching cautiously as Leo placed his hands beside my head, trapping me against the wall.

"Strange things like what? Like this?" I shivered as I felt a wet sensation on my ear.

Did he just lick me?


Full description inside. THIS IS BOY ON BOY LOVE. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE DO NOT READ AND DO NOT LEAVE HATE COMMENTS. Please enjoy the story and give me lots of feedback please!

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jakrispy566 jakrispy566 Dec 27, 2017
The title reminds me of a song I learned a few months back .ironically it's called love is love
The cover is two guys making out, how can you not notice it's a bxb book
Did not know it was teacherxstudent it literally just got three times better.
josh5959 josh5959 Apr 15
OMG teacherxstudent this book is already amazing. Plus the bxb hell yeah.
_Acceptance_ _Acceptance_ Aug 20, 2017
Nono honey your like a circle. Wait.. a circle isnt straight...
Alice_Petal_2016 Alice_Petal_2016 Nov 21, 2017
Oh licking, slobber, oooooh, sexy. 
                              Bleugh. Kisses = hot. Nuzzling = hot. Something that does not involve spit outside the mouth = hot.