The wolf's banshee

The wolf's banshee

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Woozi is my bae By Claireroses2004 Updated Oct 22

Meet Bianca O' Malley. Everybody hates her. Wanna know why? because she's a banshee. Whenever she enters a town people will throw her out immediatley. Everyone thinks someone is gonna die. But what if she steps on a town that is full of werewolves? not a good combination...

     Meet Nathan White. Alpha. Bad boy. Play boy. Also a mateless wolf who have been looking for his mate for the past three years. 

       Will Nathan accept Bianca? can they get through the obstacles that fate have intstored them? well my fellow and find out
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BrettHicks BrettHicks Oct 29
Did you take the Irish Banshee myth for this?  Since that is the most noted myth of a girl/ woman wandering form town to town, screaming for the deaths about to happen.
Aadjei Aadjei Aug 28
I like it but I think you should space out the paragraphs into multiple instead of one big one, but good work! Keep it up :)