Secret confessions/E.D/

Secret confessions/E.D/

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DOLAN By oo1975oo Completed

"We can't keep doing this"

"But babe you know you don't want it to stop" 


Warning: suicide

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ethansmainwoe ethansmainwoe Jul 23, 2017
Dude what's wrong with her, I wouldn't hesitate to say absolutely you god sent angel
The 7th and 6th grade math teacher at my school Mr. Collins?
imaginativedolans_ imaginativedolans_ Aug 28, 2017
Omg damn, I would kill to have Ethan And Gray live across from me😭!
dolanslittlebitch dolanslittlebitch Apr 27, 2017
Hun, quit complaining you have just became the luckiest woman on the planet.
dolphintwinss dolphintwinss Nov 21, 2017
awwww but i take out my dog in short shorts and like no bra ughhhhhh this means i actually have to not be half naked 🙄
hazle2004 hazle2004 Sep 02, 2017
Im sorry to be this person but my dad left me and its not thisss tragic... smh