Passionate | a septiplier neko au |

Passionate | a septiplier neko au |

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b r o o k e By Brookie185 Completed

a neko.

a man.

how they feel for each other.

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IShipGayStuffXD IShipGayStuffXD Sep 05, 2017
I like dogs more mostly because I want a husky they're soooo cute
IShipGayStuffXD IShipGayStuffXD Sep 05, 2017
*drinks holy water* I'm selling holy water and bleach 
                              Holy water=$2
Notamom Notamom Jan 13, 2017
Same honestly XD but waiting I'll be waiting for that next chapter
- - Jan 13, 2017
Pft that's stupid people reported it, like, obviously that's why there's a mature warning lol
milku- milku- Jan 09, 2017
sorry to break it to ye' jack, but mark needs to get back to his
                              B B B B BONERRR CASSSSTTT!!
UNKNOWN7113 UNKNOWN7113 Jan 13, 2017
I knew that "sex scene" seemed too. . .  It reminded me of a person trying to tell me about this really weird gay porn they "accidentally" came across.  And the fact that you don't really read about people 69ing each other kinda gave it away.