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Fake Couple? → Jeon Jungkook FF / Fanfiction ♧ COMPLETED

Fake Couple? → Jeon Jungkook FF / Fanfiction ♧ COMPLETED

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—🖤— By damnhanbin Completed

[ 1st FF Book ]

BangtanBUniversity is known for being immature and such causing the school to be reported at the School owners. Someone from BTS should have a fake girlfriend and be responsible for each other infront of Park Jin-young and Yang Hyun Suk which are the owners of all the school in Korea.

Shaebin, the cheerful, kind and beautiful lady but sometimes she is cold towards boys because her ex cheated on her. Shaebin is the perfect lady in the school, she got the looks, personality, even her body is hourglass like, she have big y'know and she is skinny, but she dresses up as a nerd.

Jungkook, the cold ass guy who plays with everyone. He almost dated everyone at school except for Shaebin. 

What if the school chose Jungkook with her biggest enemy, Shaebin for them to be friends.

Will the school survive?

Will the two get along?

But what if they fall in love to each other?

Started: 08.30.16 // August 30, 2016
Ended: 10.12.16 // October 12, 2016

T H A N K Y O U + F O R + R E A D I N G
                         V O T E 
                      A N D
            C O M M E N T


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AwkwardFangirl4Life AwkwardFangirl4Life Oct 05, 2016
"I came here to study" words that I would never ever say....without keeping a straight face on.
-miyoongie -miyoongie Oct 03, 2016
yanno this is really me except that i'm not pretty and hot LOL and no glasses
-miinyoongii -miinyoongii Oct 05, 2016
I know right i can't believe i'm sitting beside someone so ugly gooossshhh
BOWwowowowow BOWwowowowow Oct 04, 2016
Lel he knows me too well but I'm kinda offended so BOY EXCUSEEEE ME
myobts myobts Sep 27, 2016
More like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 girls
Acupoftaeandsuga Acupoftaeandsuga Oct 04, 2016
I would've said "Thank you very much mr not important I forgot your name" and then smirk cos I'M A BIIITCH AND I LIKE IT AND I KNOW IT!