Teenlock: Its always going to be you.

Teenlock: Its always going to be you.

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Jackie Boi By JackFlustered Updated 2 days ago

This is my Teen!Lock/Johnlock story. I have written MANY stories, but this is one that i will publish. Trust me when I say that my phone's memo pad is full of this shit.

Sherlock Holmes needs a flatmate, John Watson seems like a suitable one, but once they move in together, Sherlock notices his feelings towards John have extended past just friends.

I hope you like it, I sure as hell loved writing it! Please vote, share and save this story, it would mean a lot :) 

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Enjoy, Teenlock: It's always going to be you

glitterytroye glitterytroye Sep 20, 2016
This whole fuucking story is relatable I'm worried for myself
____SuperWhoLock____ ____SuperWhoLock____ Sep 15, 2016
Because he is a bigger johnlock shipper then all of us. 
                              Except Mrs Hudson.
- - Sep 20, 2016
What have I gotten myself into I can't stay up all night reading help me
____SuperWhoLock____ ____SuperWhoLock____ Sep 14, 2016
Found something to do during boring science!!!! Thank Jesus! Or you...😂
hedwigeomfndm hedwigeomfndm Sep 21, 2016
Your missing your soulmate John
                              Good luck finding a man with that name, I hear it's not as common as Sherlock
____SuperWhoLock____ ____SuperWhoLock____ Sep 15, 2016
I was hoping this was mike speaking and just being utterly annoyed with how many times Sherlocks probably said this to him...😂😂