The Racing Queen

The Racing Queen

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nicole By nxolle Updated Aug 12, 2017

Meet Amelia Jones, a 18 year old cheer captain that attends Spring Valley High. Amelia is the girl who tries to keep herself unnoticeable. Although, being a cheer captain, it's pretty hard to go unnoticed.

Many people knows Amelia as an innocent child. Yes, she attends those high school parties but she never once drank due to her past.

Amelia Jones is a rebellious teenager when she isn't involved in any social activities or any family members. Her rebellious streaks mostly come out when she is out in the streets. Yup, Amelia is a well-known street racer.

While she's out street racing, she bumps into a new guy in town, Sebastian Taylor. She races him and instead of winning herself, some irregular thing happens which makes them fight for the top.

Amelia has committed to not date this last high school year but, what happens when she suddenly begins to feel a strange connection building up towards Sebastian while she's going against him?

***Some scenes are intimate and mature language is involved. Read at your own risk.***

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