Forever And Always. || book 2

Forever And Always. || book 2

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박지민 ☁️ By Jiminttrash Completed

(y/n) was big now! She was part of a girl group and they were known all around the world. 

(y/n) seemed to be living the life now but what happens when she gets back only to hear that her first love and best friend, Yoongi, has a secret he's been hiding in the time she's been away.

||Squeal for together||

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fluffchim fluffchim Jul 12
namjoon stop cutting o n i o n s they burn people's eyes dumbáss
LMFAOOOOOOOO no. no. haileyyuuyuyhoiujlkujhldsfj yoongiiiiiiii
me and my friends created a band called Our final Bulletproof glory
I live in a apartment on 2cd story i threw my phone on the table walked onto the porch thing and sobbed
Hes cheating on us WTF I'm dying my depression is hitting. WTF suga WHY!!!!! *Cry's my eyea out*
Like I care. I have Namjoon and probably some members from exo or got7 sooooo...